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Short story, long history: Abou Khalil

Once upon a time, a restless child, but with a very good nose.


He left the magic of Beirut behind, but brought with him its flavors and a good palate.


His mother, dominated the bitter and the sweet, and the most difficult, knowing how to put them together in a piece of bread; Miguel, restless, carried them all in his suitcase.


In 1982, after opening a Biochemistry book, flavors and smells came off him and he knew his destination: Abou Khalil Restaurant. The magic of his mother inspired him: The best Lebanese flavor in Barcelona. The generosity, the taste, the color and the smell do not fail in its surroundings.







And now his magic returns, he takes AbouKhalil with him to rest, after 38 years, under his Al Jaima.


We are going to enjoy the best flavors of Lebanese food, made with the best raw materials, with personal purchase. He is "The Boss" of Hummus, Falafel, Mutabel and the best halal meat .


Welcome to your home, welcome to " Jaimat Abou Khalil".




"A place to share, to enjoy, to relax surrounded by a magical atmosphere that provides the customer with that wonderful warmth and Arab hospitality, which together with Lebanese gastronomic excellence make Al Jaima de Abou Khalil a unique restaurant ."


"With a fresh product, of purely Mediterranean origin , Al Jaima by Abou Khalil makes Lebanese gastronomy a perfect choice: A healthy, abundant and colorful diet in a pleasant, familiar and quiet environment. It seduces with the textures of its dishes, the different flavors and their characteristic aromas, which will transport you to the Middle East without leaving home. An authentic jewel in the center of Barcelona. "


"Talking about the new Al Jaima by Abou Khalil, is not only talking about the best Lebanese restaurant in the city, which it is and by far. But it is talking about a complete culinary experience, in a wonderfully decorated place and served by people, Attentive, friendly and helpful. We can talk about their classic dishes (the hummus with meat is a prize) or their novel tapas (the mini burger or the mini shawarma), we can also talk about their shishas and teas, and if you want We can also highlight their belly dance shows.
But it is unfair to stay only in one particular aspect. The wonderful thing about this place is to sit down to enjoy, be advised by its waiters and eat, drink and smoke shishas while transporting you to a unique and wonderful place.
Without a doubt, a visit to this restaurant simply goes beyond sitting at a table.
Go, check it and then comment on it.
You will see that I am not mistaken. "

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